Fishing Vessel Northwind
1441 North Northlake Way
Seattle, WA 98103-8920

Phone:  206-632-1441

Fax:  206-632-8628


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SERVICES - Fishing Vessel Northwind
Shipyard manager: E. Peter Kelly

Types of Work: New Construction; major and minor repairs; conversions; outfitting.

Categories of Work: Hull and structural welding; propulsion systems; propellers, deck machinery; electrical and hydraulic system installation and repair; carpentry/joinery work; piping; inside and outside machine shop; sand blasting and painting.

Materials: Steel, Wood, Glass, and Aluminum.

Work Force: A shipyard facility where ship owners may either lease space, including drydocks to perform their own work, have jobs performed by the yard on a bid basis, or performed by the yard on a time and materials basis.




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